Brought to you by the global leading travel money provider Travelex, Supercard is a groundbreaking product that allows users to spend money abroad while avoiding hefty foreign transaction fees. Whether you’re dining in dollars or splurging euros in the shops, we help you say goodbye to bank card roaming fees – with instant updates on our Supercard app, you can see how much you've been saved in foreign transaction fees in realtime.

I was responsible alongside other members of the Travelex Design Team for the creation of the Supercard app design, including overall visual language, illustrations, UI elements & user flows. The end goal was to create a user-friendly product with a premium but personal visual language, dedicated to frequent and modern travellers, and always with the aim of enabling a simple and straightforward user experience. 

Co-Creators: Simon Rae, Michal Florczak

Date: 2016

Website: Supercard AppStore  Supercard Website